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Roger Brindisi

Crêpe Master

Cooking has always been a passion of Roger’s, going back even before the days when, as a biologist specializing in human anatomy, he regularly performed dissections for postmortem studies. Though he has no formal training as a chef, he’s pretty good with knives—and has a rather large Italian family. “In Italy,” he explains. “Everyone is an exquisite cook.”

“So much talent, so much that’s creative and interesting—particularly downtown.”

Café Panache, located on 10th Street in downtown Greeley, is modeled after the Parisian eateries Roger frequented when he lived near Luxembourg City, just an afternoon’s train ride from the French capital. “It was never anything extraordinary,” he says. “Just carefully prepared, simple food.” And art, of course; Café Panache likewise displays works from a number of local artists.

Roger and his wife Margaret came to the area from Denver nearly 10 years ago, choosing to stay in part because, as artists themselves, they saw Greeley as a blank canvas. “There’s a lot of unrealized potential here,” he says. “So much talent, so much that’s creative and interesting—particularly downtown, which has improved quite a bit in the last few years. But you have to be adventurous to find it. Hopefully, we’re doing our part to make it easier.”