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Because student success is everyone’s business.

In the fall of 2013, 850 residents, teachers, business leaders, and government officials met at Greeley’s Union Colony Civic Center to launch the G.Town Promise – a pledge to get the community behind more than 20,000 area students and to provide the help they need to become successful, productive adults.

It’s an innovative idea – so much so that, a year later, it gave rise to the Weld County Bright Futures program, an initiative spurred by the five-member Board of County Commissioners. The program funds up to $3,000 a year for four years to meet the post-secondary training needs of all Weld County high school graduates – whether they’re working toward an associate or a bachelor’s degree – or even a CDL. It’s the only program like it in the entire country.

What’s particularly exciting, says city manager Roy Otto, is that donors can write off a portion of their county property taxes, as well as become eligible for both state and federal income tax credits.


“It’s a great program,” says Otto, “the kind of thing that’s a win-win for everyone in our community. We’re excited to see the ideas behind the G.Town Promise benefit not only Greeley residents, but also the entire county. Weld County government deserves special thanks for their vision and commitment to all students.”

Achieving Community Excellence


When the Greeley City Council launched the Achieving Community Excellence (ACE) initiative five years ago, the intent was to provide support toward improving the community’s civic infrastructure. But what does that mean in practice? “It’s a partnership,” explains Otto. “It’s businesses, educators, organizations, and city government working together to leverage each others’ resources and expertise instead of going it alone.”

A key focus – and success – of ACE has been effective and sustainable workforce development. To date the program has recruited over 45 community partners including 41 businesses that have hosted over 260 high school summer interns. And it all started with the intentional nurturing of relationships between the City and its diverse businesses.

Put simply, says Otto, “they’re the kind of connections that are critical in helping Greeley-area youth become successful, productive adults.”


Get Connected

If you’re interested in connecting with ACE and the G.Town Promise, visit or call 970-302-5933.