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Ed & Marsha Edmunds

Monster Makers

It was the typical boy-meets-girl story. Except that, while the girl was a biology student at the University of Northern Colorado, the boy was busy sculpting aliens and a whole host of other not-of-this-world life forms.

Ed and Marsha Edmunds turned their mutual love for the artistic and imaginative from a one-room operation into a warehouse full of “designers, artists, carpenters, sculptors, painters, pourers, patchers, seamers, welders, woodworkers, mold makers, sprayers, shippers, seamstresses, cutters, electricians, assemblers, managers, and office staff”—all working together to create some of the scariest monsters, apparitions, and animatronic nightmares in the dark amusement industry. So much so that the Travel Channel series Making Monsters has made them TV stars.

“If people would just take the time to experience Greeley, they’d understand.”

But why Greeley? Why not Los Angeles or New York or Chicago? Marsha’s quick to point out that Greeley embraced them since day one. And that the local talent pool is deep. And that, not unlike Distortions Unlimited’s creations, there’s much, much more to their beloved home town than meets the eye. “If people would just take the time to experience Greeley,” she says, “they’d understand.”