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Derek & Stephanie Boulton

World Citizens

They’ve lived in London, Paris, Brussels, Athens, Tokyo, and Lagos. And Columbus, Indiana. So how did a pair of British expatriates land in northern Colorado? “We didn’t choose Greeley,” explains Stephanie Boulton. “Greeley chose us.”

“Our guests love Greeley.”

It’s perhaps a little more accurate to say that it was the former Sod Buster Inn, a bed and breakfast on 9th Avenue near downtown Greeley, that chose the Boultons. Avid skiers and cyclists, Stephanie and her husband Derek had spent weeks looking for a business opportunity in a state they’d only recently fallen in love with. When the Greeley landmark went on the market, they seized the opportunity, purchasing the property and renaming it the Currier Inn after one of the town’s first settlers.

Being the proprietors of a popular bed and breakfast puts the Boultons in a unique position to hear first-hand what visitors to the area think. “Our guests love Greeley,” says Stephanie. “And why shouldn’t they? Everything you need is right here—in a town small enough to still be friendly.”

“The first week we were here,” adds Derek, “there were people stopping in, welcoming us and offering best wishes. Think that happens in London? Tokyo? Not a chance.”