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The University of Northern Colorado Xeriscape Gardens on 17th Avenue and Reservoir Road was built to promote water conservation and low water landscaping. With this environmentally friendly mission, you may not be surprised by the newly installed recycled and reused stone features.

The UNC Landscaping & Grounds Department managed to relocate five stone blocks and twelve column sections into the Xeriscape Garden.  These columns and blocks were salvaged from the 1972 demolition of Cranford Hall, that was originally built in 1891. The purpose of this relocation was to preserve some university history as well as to provide some unique landscape amenity to the Xeric Demonstration Garden.

These materials were part of the front Portico indicated in orange in the Cranford Hall photo. 

These stone blocks and columns are at least 127 years old. The source of these natural sandstone columns is unknown but perhaps were mined from the Lyons, Colorado sandstone mines.

These large sandstones have been in storage for the past 46 years and way overdue to come out of hiding.

Photos: Courtesy of The University of Northern Colorado.