Back in 2005, an art piece titled “Para la Gente” was installed at the Rodarte Community Center as part of the City of Greeley’s 1% For Art program. It is a four-piece textile work by Lauren Camp that features childrens’ faces alongside quotes from community elders.

Due to the recent renovations at the Rodarte Community Center, two of the four fiber pieces had to be taken down and put in storage. With those renovations coming to completion, Camp was back in town earlier this month to clean the artwork, and re-hang the two pieces that had been taken down.

Lauren Camp by Khadijah Queen

Lauren Camp giving a poetry reading in Boulder, Colorado. [Photo by Khadijah Queen]

We had a chance to visit with her while she was here.

This is one of my very favorite commissions that I’ve ever done. I had a lot of freedom to do what I wanted, I had support, and then I came to visit and found this beautiful center with the perfect color walls for this piece,” she said.

These painstakingly made pieces are mostly cotton, with hand-silkscreened lettering, and machine stitching. Camp said the people depicted in the art are fictional, but the words that go along them are actual quotes pulled from an intergenerational video of Rodarte Community Center kids interviewing elders of the community that she was able to listen to as she designed the project.

I wanted something that felt very fitting to ‘here’, something that had authenticity,” she said.

Lauren Camp Rodarte Community CenterRe-hung and freshly cleaned, these beautiful works of art are on display at the Rodarte Community Center in the main lobby and main hallway. (Click for Rodarte Community Center hours, location, and contact information.)

Although Camp is a renowned visual artist, she semi-retired from making fabric art to focus on her poetry and other endeavors. She’s authored award-winning books, she teaches creative writing workshops in Northern New Mexico, she is a long-time public radio producer, and has a number of honors to her name. You can read more about her life as a poet and a performer at

And be sure to stop by the Rodarte Community Center here in Greeley to take in the beauty that is “Para la Gente”.

(You can also see other works of art while you’re there including two permanent murals created by the Rodarte youth and artist Joe Crowley, as well as an inter-generational art project by youth and seniors.)


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