Get Ready For UNC’s Day Of Music on October 6, 2017

Music will be just about everywhere in Greeley on October 6, 2017. Thanks to the second annual Day of Music, put together by the University of Northern Colorado School of Music. Dozens of musicians and musical groups will be performing around the  Greeley...

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Cheers to Greeley Oktobrewfest 2017 – Sept. 29-30

Ach du Lieber! It’s almost time to enjoy Greeley’s annual Oktobrewfest on September 29 & 30, 2017 at historic Lincoln Park in Downtown Greeley. The event kicks off on Friday, September 29 from 5-10pm with beer, brats, games, and a free concert and then the...

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To Bee, or Not to Bee?

As part of our series on local food and art, learn more about another producer of local food, bees. Did you know bees are hard working and great dancers?

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Can You Spot a Locavore?

Connect to Greeley’s local food culture on September 16 by taking part in Ag Fest and Feast. Experience a free daytime family-friendly fest of agricultural treasures while attending the weekly Farmers’ Market at the Depot in downtown Greeley. Additional booths,...

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The Art of Agriculture

When the City Council formed the Greeley Creative District (GCD) in January 2012, the primary goal was to catalog and illuminate the concentration of ‘creative industries’ within the community. The District offered a boundary, an area enveloping the Downtown and...

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A Quilt for a Barn?

Barn Quilts are painted quilt squares – usually fashioned on wooden boards and then mounted on a barn, garage, house, or other building. Learn more about some of the Barn Quilts in Weld County.

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Multicultural Events in Greeley

Greeley Unexpected celebrates diversity and multicultural events in our community. From the UNC Cultural and Resource Centers and the Newcomer Program at Greeley West High School to Cinco de Mayo and Oktobrewfest, we are all about promoting local programs and special...

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The Craft of Cuisine

We'll be featuring posts celebrating local food, agriculture, and art, leading up to AgriCULTURE Fest and Feast on September 16. What shifts a food from ordinary to distinctive … something to go out of your way for?  Welcome to the craft food movement. How does a food...

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Greeley’s Longstanding Tradition: Potato Day

This year’s Potato Day is scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 9, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and it’s a community event steeped—or should we say “baked”—in local tradition. The success of this event, and Colorado’s local love for baked potatoes, dates as far back to...

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The Greeley Music Scene Has Much to Offer in September

Check out the Greeley Music Scene! The Greeley music scene has a lot to offer. No matter your musical tastes, there is something you will enjoy this September. This is the last month of the year when Friday Fest concerts are offered in Downtown...

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