Monster Day Greeley was the brainchild of some of Greeley’s famous monster makers, Ed and Marsha Edmunds from Distortions Unlimited. They have been making in Greeley since 1978. However, their monsters will not be the only things “made in Greeley” that you will find at Monster Day!

The Clay Center on Northern Colorado will be there again helping kids create their own clay monsters, Merry Makers will be creating face paints and balloon art, author John A. Daly (who makes great books) will be there, Nana D’s Crackle Corn will be selling their local snacks, Aunt Helen’s Coffee House will be making “Monster Shakes”, the list just keeps going…greeley-Gremlin-made-in-greeley

There will be many great things brought in from other places, but it’s like we said in our Greeley Unexpected ‘Makers’ story this year, “Greeley is a city of makers.” There are some amazing things produced right here in our city that we can be proud of.

So, when you’re out taking advantage of some epic photo-ops at Monster Day Greeley created by the monster makers down the street, take a look around and see what else you can find that is made in Greeley.