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When discussing what to do in Greeley, you often get one of two responses:

The first one is something along the lines of, “There is so much going on! Some weekends, I have to choose between several awesome activities and events. I love that we have such a vibrant community.”

The second response goes something like, “there is nothing to do here.”

What separates these two people that see Greeley in opposite ways?  Is it knowledge? Or the ability and the time to keep up with local events and organizations on social media? Greeley is one of the fastest growing areas in the US, are new residents aware of all we have to offer? Or do longtime residents just make assumptions about the community’s offerings?

An upcoming event is designed to familiarize you with some of Greeley’s attractions and events.  Discover Your Stay-Cation in Greeley is planned for Wednesday, May 8 from 4 to 7 p.m.  Stop by the Family Fun Plex, 1501 65th Avenue after work to meet the people behind some of Greeley’s most popular events and activities.  Pick up 2019 event schedules, special deals, and much more.

The City of Greeley is participating in this event and will have a prize drawing.  You can win one of three Greeley Unexpected backpacks or a Greeley Gremlin puppet (Greeley’s Monster Day mascot).

Many in our community are making an effort to elevate the message of “Travel Matters” during National Travel and Tourism Week (NTTW) May 5 through 11. This is just one of the activities planned for the week.

Get social and engage with the #nttw19 or #nttwGreeley hashtag on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Share how travel matters in our community.