As a new year begins, it is time to think about resolutions and making positive changes for the future. Here are nine ways to make 2017 a better year for you and a better year for Greeley.

  1. Be more active. You could get a membership to the Greeley Recreation Center and the Family FunPlex. Memberships offer access to both facilities and all of the amenities.  Sign up for a membership before January 15 and get 10% off.
  2. Ride your bike more. Greeley is a Bronze Level Bicycle Friendly Community.  There are 85 miles of in-town bike lanes.  Download the Greeley Area Bike and Pedestrian Map.
  3. Get involved with your City. Each moth, Greeley has many board and commission openings. Consider running for Mayor or City Council this year, there will be vacancies due to term limits.
  4. Make a goal to volunteer.
  5. Take the “I’m for Water” pledge and kick off the new year with a resolution to save water.
  6. Enjoy and try new foods that the set the natural backdrop of healthy eating. Seasonal vegetables and fruits are the most affordable, healthful, and flavorful when they are in season, so turn to your locally grown produce for the freshest options. Check out the Greeley Farmers’ Market for fresh produce.
  7. Attend more local events. Visit our events calendar for inspiration.
  8. Be more giving of praise to others. Give a “shout-out” to someone who is deserving of a pat on the back. (I’m sure your favorite shop/restaurant would love an online review.)
  9. Use social media to share some of the great things happening in Greeley. Follow #GreeleyUnexpected on Facebook or Twitter and don’t forget to share and retweet our messages.
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