Did you see the mistake in the Greeley Unexpected Magazine?

The Greeley Unexpected 2017 campaign officially kicked off during Friday Fest on June 2nd. Over 4,000 people came and celebrated everything that is great about Greeley….summer concerts, yummy food, our unique Go-Cup district, a booming downtown and some of the nicest people around. The event also gave folks a chance to grab their very own copy of the 2017 Greeley Unexpected magazine and get a taste of this year’s themes. Our Communications & Engagement Office was so proud to look through the pages. A lot of work goes into every story, every photo. It looked wonderful.

And then….there it was on Page 4. A mistake. How could we have let this happen? So many had reviewed each page, again and again, to ensure this wouldn’t occur! Have you seen it?

Right there in black and white it reads “Where you can drink the Best-Tasting Water in the Rocky Mountain Region.” That might be true but it’s not the full story. Greeley’s drinking water has been designated the “Best of the Best” in North America by the American Water Works Association after beating out 33 other regional winners. In addition, Greeley won the People’s Choice award, which included nearly 1,000 entries. This is the first time in history that a municipality has won both awards in the same year!

We know that this correction may not resolve your disappointment but this is one mistake that we are okay with not saying ‘We’re Sorry.”

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