Music will be just about everywhere in Greeley on October 6, 2017. Thanks to the second annual Day of Music, put together by the University of Northern Colorado School of Music. Dozens of musicians and musical groups will be performing around the  Greeley area. Inside, outside, downtown, out west, in business, in parks, in amphitheaters, in coffee shops; music students will be playing all kinds of music, all day long.

“One day of music: imagined by students, created by students, performed by students.

This is UNC’s Day of Music! On October 6, University of Northern Colorado School of Music students will flood the Greeley community with music, booking shows and performing all day, all over town. Students are liberated to dream big, create professional partnerships, and do what they love—play music and share their art with the community.”

Here is a short video UNC made, as well as a few posts from the 2016 event:

October 6 is a Friday, plan yourself an excuse to get out and enjoy some of those melodies. (I’ll throw out a pre-emptive “thank you” to UNC and to all of the students that will be performing. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us.)

You can RSVP and follow the UNC Day of Music on Facebook.

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