Have you ever wanted to see more of Greeley’s art display? On Tuesday, August 8, we are here to help you out with a free tour! Although we can’t see all the 450+ pieces of art, we can explore some highlights of the collection. The Art Around Town, G.Town Tour will bring you to some of the best outdoor art in the community. Some of the stops on the tour include the Centennial Village Art Fence, Uptown Trees, Art Alley, the Courage Mural, and more. Other pieces of art will be seen out and discussed during the bus ride. One of Greeley Unexpected’s previously featured people, Armando Silva, will be at one of the tour stops to talk about his latest work.

The tour begins at 9 a.m. at the Ice Haus parking lot and concludes at noon. Sign up for the tour online. Space is limited. Make sure you get a seat on the bus so you can explore our art!

More G. Town Tours are Coming!

Two more tours are scheduled this year.  Sign up early! 

  • Brews Cruise II: East Greeley Brewery Tour – September 7
    Greeley’s Brew Scene keeps on growing.  Take a free tour of our downtown breweries.  Samples will be available to participants over 21 years old.
  • Haunts and Underground Spaces – October 25
    For Halloween season, we’re checking out some underground tunnels and places that some say are haunted in Greeley.

Curious to see what a G.Town Tour is like? Read the Greeley Unexpected blog post on the Local Foods and Fare G.Town Tour that happened in April.

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