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How can hip-hop, film, music, dance, technology, murals, art cars, theater, galleries, and more all contribute to enriching communities and make them more vibrant?

This question was asked and answered at the 2018 Colorado Creative Industries Summit. Last week, Greeley was host to the annual conference that brings together creatives from all parts of Colorado and beyond. Topics included: collaboration, business success for creatives, leadership, diversity, developing special events, networking, and much more.

Colorado Creative Industries is a statewide agency that supports and expands the impact of creative industries, artists, and entrepreneurs, connecting communities to advance a thriving and vibrant Colorado.

The Greeley Creative District promotes art, music, design and more in Downtown Greeley.  The community obtained our official Creative District certification in 2014 and since then, it has grown in scale, amount of offerings, revenue, and creative offerings.  Greeley’s community arts scene is featured in the Greeley Unexpected campaign.

Here are some of the sights from the 2018 Colorado Creative Industries Summit.

Photo Credit:
Photos 1 through 4 by Bryan Bean
Photos 5 through 20 by Joshua Clements