Do Tell on November 16At “Do Tell! – Greeley Voices that Inspire,” six storytellers share unique perspectives.

Check it out on Thursday, November 16th. The show begins at 7 p.m. in the Union Colony Civic Center’s Hensel Phelps Theater.

Tickets are $25 and benefit the Greeley Creative District. Admission includes a complimentary journal. The journals are provided for you to document your own life stories. Also, enjoy a dessert reception with the speakers following the performance.

Below is more information on the Do Tell! speakers and presentations.

Josh Aho – “Climbing Colorado’s 14ers with Sawyer”

The quest to climb all of Colorado’s fourteen-thousand-foot peaks stretched into an eleven-year adventure for a golden retriever named Sawyer and his owner, Josh.  Attempting to be just the second dog/man team in history to achieve this ambition. It proved a life-changing event. Josh will share the story of friendship, failure, and faith and what fueled this enduring challenge.

Danielle Bock – “Legos and Bathroom Bills” 

Selecting a public restroom or changing room is a straightforward decision for most. Not so, for those who identify in non-traditional gender roles. This story presents a personal perspective on the opportunity to support diversity in a broader and more inclusive way in our community. Danielle shares the experience living as a gender-neutral adult in Greeley. With the hope that this story will offer others, especially children, the ability to overcome a fear of not belonging anywhere in this world.

Shawna Cranmer – “Finding My Way”

Perseverance has been Shawna’s response to not one, but multiple life challenges.  This includes, enduring as a teen mom, surviving domestic violence, and battling substance abuse. Through it all, Shawna has found herself through helping others. Shawna shares her story of recovery. Her story shows the strength within that comes with that journey.  In hopes that it will be a service to those who are struggling with similar challenges.

Sandi Elder – “Hope’s Answer”

A young girl transcends from a childhood full of difficult struggles to adulthood. She has inherited the polycystic kidney disease that took her father’s life when she was 10 years old. She has married, raised two children, and welcomed grandchildren, when the disease finally threatened to take its deadly toll on her, too. Sandi will share her story of courage, faith, and commitment after receiving the gift of life from her kidney donor.

Dr. Robert Kahn – “Holocaust Remembered”

Born in Mainz, Germany in 1931 young Robert viewed firsthand the rise of Nazism.  He watched as his father and grandfathers were arrested by the Gestapo, who entered the family home on ‘Crystal Night.’ Dr. Kahn will relate how his mother secured the release of his father from the Buchenwald Concentration Camp and reunion in Holland. He will tell of attacks by Hitler Youths, school problems, and other experiences arising from this sad page of history.

Michael Olivier – “Music as a Healing Art”

Childhood abuse left its painful marks of anxiety and depression. But, seeking and finding community in art and music became a catalyst for positive change and healing. Michael became a very talented musician. Michael will accompany his story with guitar playing and singing.  He shares his journey to leave the past and embrace positive change.

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