Photo by Joshua Clements

Last week the Colorado Creative Industry Summit was in Greeley and one of the highlights of the conference was the presentation of the Governor’s Creative Leadership Awards.

A popular figure in Greeley’s creative community, Armando Silva, was recognized this year. Silva was selected in the Arts and Community Action category for his projects that empower and inspire the community, especially youth, through dance, performance, and public art. One of the projects that he was recognized for being an organizer of Hip-Hop Madness.

(You may remember when Armando was featured in the first year of the Greeley Unexpected Campaign.)

Photo by Joshua Clements

The Governor’s Creative Leadership Awards celebrates excellence in creative industries across the state. This honor is presented to community members that have demonstrated a significant commitment to Colorado’s creative landscape through civic leadership and volunteerism including advocacy, vision, collaboration, or innovation.

Another local artist, Wes Sam-Bruce created the award design. Each year an artist is chosen to make a distinctive work of art to serve as the physical award.

Armando was not the only creative to be recognized at the summit. Other 2018 Governor’s Creative Leadership Awards winners included Rodney Wood from Trinidad and Wayne Gilbert from Denver.