Why Greeley Unexpected?

Greeley Unexpected tells the city’s story with people, places, and things that exemplify what is unique and interesting about Greeley. The campaign springs, in part, from research that shows when people visit Greeley, they’re pleasantly surprised. They find that the community is much bigger, more diverse and more appealing than what they ever imagined.

In an effort, supported by Greeley city government, the Greeley Chamber of Commerce, University of Northern Colorado, Aims Community College and others, is focusing on the idea that Greeley and its residents have much to offer that is absolutely positive.

The people, the places, the businesses, the events and happenings; there is a lot more to Greeley than many people think. Greeley Unexpected gives people new and different things to think and say about the city.

Greeley’s population is now estimated to be over 107,000, a huge increase from the 1990 population of 60,536. Greeley has grown, but not just in population. We’re bigger, more interesting, and more diverse than ever before.

Greeley Has the Best-Tasting Tap Water

Greeley has won the thirteenth annual “Best of the Best” Tap Water Taste Test from the American Water Works Association (AWWA). The event, comprised of 34 regional winners from water-tasting competitions across North America, was held at AWWA’s Annual Conference and Exposition in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The People’s Choice award winner, as determined by the conference attendees, was also awarded to the City of Greeley.  There were almost 1,000 entries for the People’s Choice competition with conference attendees sampling and casting a ballot for the best tasting water. This is the first time in history that a municipality has won both awards in the same year.

U.S. Census Bureau - Fastest-Growing Metro Area in Colorado

We all know that the population in Greeley and the surrounding area is growing.  The US Census Bureau agrees and has the stats to back it up.  Greeley has been named Colorado’s fastest-growing metro area and the third fastest-growing metro area in the country based on mid-year 2017 population estimates.

Greeley MSA Ranks #1 - Most Discretionary Income

Not only did the Greeley/Weld County Metropolitan Statistical Area rank first for discretionary income among all of the statistical areas in Colorado, it was fourth overall in the mountain states region, which includes Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho and Montana. The Trove Discretionary Income Study is the first of its kind to incorporate data that reflects regional differences in salaries, cost of living and taxes to show the take home pay of U.S. workers across 778 occupations. The data comes from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, The Tax Foundation and The Council For Community and Economic Research.

Top 20 Cities To Raise a Family

Greeley has been ranked by SmartAsset as a Top 20 city in Colorado to raise a family. SmartAsset is a New York-based financial services and analytical firm.  Rankings were determined by looking at 10 categories including the high school graduation rate, housing costs, household income, property and violent crime rates, and unemployment.

Greeley #4 In the Nation Highest Rates of Regular Exercise

The Greeley Metropolitan statistical area, which is all of Weld County, has been ranked 4th in the nation by Gallup and Sharecare for the Highest Rates of Regular Exercise, with 65.3% of adults saying they exercised regularly. The poll included adults in 189 metro areas and was based on interviews with more than 350,000 adults in all 50 states.

Greeley Metropolitan Area - #7 Fastest Job Growth

Weld job growth is among the fastest in the nation.  The website 24/7 Wall Street has ranked the Greeley Metropolitan area #7 in the nation for areas that have added the most jobs during the past five years.  For statistical data collection, the Greeley Metropolitan Area encompasses most of Weld County.

Colorado’s Best-Affordable Front Range Small Towns

Greeley has made TurboTenant’s list of The Best of Colorado’s Affordable Front Range Small Towns ranking #1 on the list! The report looked at communities with a population of 150,000 residents or less and were chosen based on average rent for two-bedroom units paired with the livability and amenities of each city.

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