Are you tired of outdated Greeley stereotypes and misperceptions? We are. Greeley Unexpected gives people new and different things to think and say about the city.

Why Greeley Unexpected?

Greeley Unexpected tells the city’s story with people, places, and things that exemplify what is unique and interesting about Greeley. The campaign springs, in part, from research that shows when people visit Greeley, they’re pleasantly surprised. They find that the community is much bigger, more diverse and more appealing than what they ever imagined.

In all corners of the city, people are saying they’re tired of old Greeley stereotypes and misperceptions and want to do something about them.

So an effort, supported by Greeley city government, the Greeley Chamber of Commerce, University of Northern Colorado, Aims Community College and others, is focusing on the idea that Greeley and its residents have much to offer that is absolutely positive.

The people, the places, the businesses, the events and happenings; there is a lot more to Greeley than many people think.

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